A pool with fish swimming in it

Can You Add a Spa to Your Existing Pool?

There are many reasons that you might want to add a luxurious spa to your backyard. Spas have great health benefits such as helping with muscle tensions and pain, increases blood circulation and promote relaxation. It also can increase the value of your home for resale, or you might just want a spa for socialization and fun. Although this process can cost and take as long as building a pool. The good news is that YES, YOU CAN!

The process starts by assessing the access to your back yard and the size and location of your pool area. If your back yard and pool area is not too small, then we can go ahead and remove the screen and portion of the patio.

We need to use heavy equipment such as bob cat and backhoe to accomplish this, so if there are trees, shrubs, sprinklers on the way those might have to be removed. Next, if you want the pool and the spa to connect and create a spillway then section of the pool must be cut to build the spa.

The pool builder must be extremely experienced that this cut, and the attachments do not cause or create a leak. If you forgo the attached look then you can avoid cutting of the pool. Next step is to put in tile and coping for the new spa and if the existing pool can’t match the new tile and coping then we replace the pool tile and coping. Please note if you have chosen the attached look then we resurface the pool.

Next, all the underground pipes for the new spa are routed to the pool equipment location and attached to the equipment. In most cases the equipment must be replaced with a higher speed and size to accommodate your added spa. If you never had a heater with your pool, you must add a heater. You can choose to add remote control or mobile app to turn your spa on.

If you have any additional questions please contact us. 

A yellow and black tractor is parked near some concrete
A pool that has been built in the backyard.
A man standing on top of a building next to pipes.
A pool that is under construction and has no people in it.
A pool that has been cleaned and is ready for the summer.
A pool with blue tiles and white tile around it.
A pool with fish swimming in it