Custom Luxury Pool & Spa Features

Modern Pools & Spas

A modern house with a pool and patio area.

Modern pool design is ideal for people with small backyards or people who enjoy clean simple lines. Modern design can take advantage of the pattern of your existing deck if it has interesting curves and lines. Also adding elements such as fire, wall of waterfall, and lighting can enhance the design. 

Natural Pools & Spas

A pool with water jets and plants in the background.

Natural pool design can start with something as simple as choosing a free form for the shape of your pool. The design can be enhanced by using waterfalls and layered rock walls elements to add texture. The look can be further refined if additional landscaping is added to create a tropical environment. 

Infinity Edge /
Negative Edge pools

A pool with two chairs and an ocean in the background.

This disappearing edge design complements your surrounding background. This smooth look moves your gaze right into the horizon or body of water. 

Beach Entries /
Baja Steps / Sun Shelf 

A pool with water falling down the side of it.

This design gives a resort vibe to your pool. The shallow entry is really an extended step and can be at various depths. This area is perfect for placing lounge chairs to relax or turning it into a place where little kids can play in. 

Rock Features

A pool with water running down the side of it.

You can create an exotic unique architecture by using rocks for your pool and spa. It can start as a simple rock waterfall to a more elaborate design that includes slides, caves, and grottos. Rock features can help with privacy, 

Fire Pit / Water Features

A pool with water jets and fire bowls

What you can do here is countless. From traditional to modern designs, you can add your own individual flair to your pool and spa. From relaxing waterfall that can also hide outside noise to jets of water that delight children to dramatic fire feature that you can create a special atmosphere that you won’t want to leave. 

Pool Lighting

A pool with lights on and people in it

Swimming pool lighting can simply be used for safety and making sure your pool is well lit at night, but it can be much more than that you can update your lights to multi-color LED lights that work remotely and put on a show for family and friends by having fountain lights or change the mode of your party from romantic to sports themes. 


A pool with a bench and water slide in it

By placing colorful fish, coral, and other sea life in your pool and spa you can almost imagine you are on a vacation snorkeling in the reefs. 

Pool Enclosure / Cage

A pool with an umbrella and chairs in it

Enjoy swimming outside without the annoyance of outdoor pests and keep debris out of your pool so you spend less time vacuuming. Don’t forget to check out the new panoramic pool enclosures that give you an unobstructed view of your backyard, lakes, waterways, ocean, or wetland by eliminating the vertical aluminum.

Outdoor Kitchen

A large outdoor kitchen with an oven and fireplace.

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more like its indoor counterpart by having all the amenities that you could wish for or need. The outdoor kitchen can include barbecue grills, ranges, cooktops, refrigerator, sinks and cabinets.