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  • Can Swimming Pool Water Kill Your Grass?

    Can Swimming Pool Water Kill Your Grass?

     The short answer is no, random splashes of pool water will not affect the health of your grass so go ahead put on your swimsuit and cannonball without worrying about damaging your grass. However, there are many situations when swimming pool or spa needs to be drained completely. For example, if your pool needs deep […]

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  • Time To Heat Up Your Pool

    Time To Heat Up Your Pool

    Florida is always sunny and hot that’s why we are known as The Sunshine State. However, for six months out of the year our temperatures drop significantly averaging between 84F to 49F which are not ideal for swimming. Happily, Florida pool owners have several good options to heat their pools. The three most popular methods […]

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  • Benefits Of Salt Generator

    Benefits Of Salt Generator

    You have heard people talk about salt generators but not sure if it is the right choice for your pool or just want to know how salt generators work then you have come to the right place. Many don’t realize that salt chlorine generators convert salt into chlorine which sanitizes your pool, but the bonus […]

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