New Inground Pool & Spa Construction in Sarasota, FL

When you live in the Sunshine State, a pool is an investment that will go a long way. Having your own private escape to relax and cool off in during those blazing summer months? Priceless.

Pool & Spa Solutions has been creating custom backyard sanctuaries for homeowners and commercial properties throughout Sarasota since 1993. When you choose us for your new pool construction, you can be confident you’ll end up with the oasis of your dreams.

Luxury Inground Concrete Pool & Spa Construction in Sarasota

A pool is supposed to be a serene space, so we aim to make the construction and installation process as stress-free as possible for you. Our Sarasota pool construction specialists will handle every step from start to finish.

We’ll discuss the details of what you want your pool to look like and how you want it to operate at our consultation. Then, we’ll build it from the ground up according to that vision.

Here are the steps of our new pool construction process:

Pool Excavation

Before we can bring your pool to life, we must make space for it. Based on your preferred shape and placement, we’ll paint an online of your pool in your yard or on your commercial property. Then, we’ll excavate the dirt and prep for construction.

A tree is being cut down by a large machine.

Pool Steel Construction

After excavation, the Pool & Spa Solutions crew will build the bones of your new pool with steel reinforcing bars. Once the steel is in place, we’ll install high-grade plumbing and equipment to build your pool and spa’s circulation system.

A man in red hat and white shirt sitting on the ground near a pool.

Plumbing Installation

Your pool is now ready to be plumbed with high-grade NSF-approved PVC pipes, fittings and equipment. These make up the circulation system to your spa jets, waterfalls and any other special items for your custom pool and spa.

A concrete slab being poured for a pool.

Gunite Installation

Next, we’ll bring your pool to life by forming its hard concrete shell with gunite (a mixture of sand and cement). We’ll apply it in layers using a specialized gun and other equipment

A pool being built in the sand.

Tile and Coping

After completing the pool structure, we’ll install a six-inch side band of acid-proof, double-fired pool tile. Our experts carefully lay and grout our pool tile by hand. We’ll also install any luxury features you’ve chosen, such as rock, waterfall, or fire features, at this time.

A pool surrounded by trees and bushes.

Pool Deck Construction

With the bulk of your pool ready to go, our team will now move on to building the framework of your pool deck. Our electrician will also finish and inspect all utility connections before we fully complete your deck.

Utility Setup

Using national electric code-approved conduit, wire and bonding, our electrician will carefully make all the electrical connections to your pool. The lights are installed, the pumps are wired and electrical breakers are installed.

Pool School

Proper chemical balance is very important for proper One last step before your pool is ready for a dip—our pool school. We’ll balance your pool’s chemicals initially after construction, but then it’s up to you. That’s why we schedule a “pool school†to show you everything you need to know to keep your pool balanced and maintain it weekly.

Treat yourself to the luxury pool you deserve. Contact Pool & Spa Solutions in Sarasota to discuss your custom pool project today!

A beach ball floating in the water of a pool.