Pool Resurfacing Process

A pool with a large tub and a nice view of the water.

Does your pool need resurfacing? if your pool is old or has not been chemically balanced over time or had plant debris fall in and decompose then you will notice splotches, stains, rough textures, cracks, or leaks in your pool. Then it is time for you to contact Pool and Spa Solution, an experienced pool company to turn your pool into a family sanctuary or an entertainment hub.

The process usually takes 3-5 days. We suggest you clear away plants and furniture from
the patio area to avoid any damage.

  • First step starts with drainage of your pool water with a Sump-Pump.
  • Second step is to prep your pool by chipping out the loose material and
    cleaning the pool.
  • Third step is to apply special Bond Koat.
  • Fourth step is to apply the tile, coping and any other decorative features
    you have selected in advance.
  • Fifth step is to apply the pebble or quartz finish you have chosen.
  • Sixth step is to clean and fill the pool with water.

The final step is for you to contact the person or service company that cleans/services your pool to add and balance the chemicals of your pool and spa.